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How to Specify Materials & Quality

If you've got particular items, materials, qualities or other specifications, you'll want to put them out in front, when you're negotiating. Accurate, sharp quotes result from accurate specifications. Late requests and change orders simply raise the costs for everybody.

Oakmark ordinarily provides a checklist for specifications for each project. The purpose is to focus the conversation on these issues, ensure that these key factors get full attention in the planning and delivery of your project. For unusual or non-standard particulars, you might want to obtain a sample through Oakmark or from a retail supplier. For manufactured items, a model number or a page from a catalog can provide clarity and precision.

Paints, Paints, Paints

For paints and other finishes, a brand and color swatch makes sense. Additionally, it's always a good idea to have samples of several potential color choices on your walls for a few days, give the household a chance to fully evaluate this detail. There are some choices that have a large emotional component. Paint color is certainly one of them.

Commercially Vended Products We Favor

Oakmark has materials sourcing agreements with several vendors, including:

Synthetic Wood

Railing Systems

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